Monday, March 28, 2011

A Shopping We Will Go!

I was out of town for part of last week, so I didn't do much shopping.  The nice thing was that I didn't need to!  I already have some stuff stocked up, so we didn't need to hit the stores!

Wally World: I hit Wally's yesterday.  I needed some stuff that I didn't have coupons for.  So, the majority of my shopping was non-coupon.  HATE THAT!  But, the stuff that I did have coupons for ended up saving me 23% overall on my purchases.  Not huge, but so much better than full price!  This also included my newspapers for this week.  My total $69.50 my coupons $15.66 total paid $53.84. 

Walgreens:  I had some RR I needed to get used up at Wag's before they expired.  So, I hit their ad.  It was a great ad, unfortunately for me, my Wag's was out of A LOT of the stuff I was after :(  BUMMER!  Anyway, I still saved $32.70 and got $2 more in RR.  So, it was a 61% savings on my bill overall.  Gotta LOVE that!

My FAVORITE store was Target today.  They FINALLY had my Excedrin.  I have been carrying around those coupons for WEEKS!  Their Excedrin has been out of stock, but not today!!!  They actually paid me .36 cents to take that Excedrin out of the store!  WOW!  Overall, my total was $17.87.  My coupons totaled $14.84.  Total paid? $3.03.  That was an 85% savings!!!!  I left the store with two full-sized bottles of Aussie hairspray and 3 full-sized boxes of Excedrin for $3.03.  LOVED IT! :)

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