Friday, March 18, 2011

Walgreens Register Rewards

Lesson learned.  I am new to the whole couponing thing and I have only hit Walgreens twice.  While I have scored some pretty awesome deals, I just learned my first lesson on Register Rewards.

I was buying razors and had a $5 off coupon.  I should have received and additional $4 in Register Rewards, making the razors FREE!  Well, they didn't print out :(  I still got an amazing deal because the razors were on sale and then I had $5 off.  So, I only paid $2.99 for them.

I came home and figured out what messed them up.  I used a $4 off Register Rewards from PG and in doing so, that canceled out my new Register Rewards from printing because my razors were a PG product.  UGH!  Lesson learned.  Oh well.  I will try not to let that happen again :)

My total: $54.54.  My coupons $44.86.  My total paid? $13.68.  That is a 77% savings!  Can't complain about that!  And I learned a valuable lesson about Register Rewards :)

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